Our Mission:

To enhance the performance and growth of small businesses and organizations by providing them with affordable e-services that would help create, retain, or leverage their intellectual capital and lend our earnings as micro-loans to support even more businesses.

“When you support a small business, you’re supporting a dream.”

Who We Are

Everything needs a beginning. Just as a circle has no starting point and end, we began as a simple idea to help small businesses grow, which led to the creation of CommenceCircle. 


Founded in 2022, CommenceCircle strives to build an impact by offering e-services to small businesses and supporting them through microloans. CommenceCircle believes that entrepreneurs can harness their potential as long as they have the right resources.


Our services are customized to suit businesses and organizations and their needs. We commit to providing updated solutions to upgrade skills and acquire relevant knowledge to stay ahead of new challenges in today’s fast-changing digital world. We want to give a chance for entrepreneurs wanting to build a better life the opportunity to maximize their growth.

Hi there, I'm Athena and

welcome to CommenceCircle! 

The vision of CommenceCircle was born when I realized how many local businesses around me were going about their lives without realizing the possibility of their virtual growth. Being tech-friendly in this day and age is not just advantageous but necessary! I saw how these businesses could tap into their hidden potential if only they bring themselves online. With the intention of helping out these budding entrepreneurs, I founded CommenceCircle -  to help every small business using my skills or earned capital.

Not only do I plan to help entrepreneurs build their websites, create content for their social media, and set up their e-commerce and Google Business listings to help them grow their business, but I will also lend all our earnings as micro-loans to other businesses in a 100% non-profit setting. CommenceCircle is my little contribution to help small businesses overcome the hardships they've faced, especially during the pandemic. Together, I know that we can achieve our dreams.